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[test] Aterian Uses Flexe Logistics Programs to Achieve 97% Two-Day or Less Delivery Speeds

Aterian scales eCommerce delivery and meets customers' delivery expectations with Flexe Logistics Programs.


Aterian needed to grow their domestic supply chain network—fast. Traditional logistics solutions rely on large capital expenditures and term agreements. They deliver fixed capacity in fixed locations for fixed forecasts. Aterian recognized traditional solutions prevented the flexibility necessary for rapid product expansion and dynamic customer demands.


The Flexe Dynamic Fulfillment Program powers two days or less delivery. Aterian responds to customer demands, improves delivery speed and accelerates growth with Flexe’s Dynamic Fulfillment Program. The logistics program adds fulfillment centers closer to customers for rapid delivery. All without CapEx investments, fixed costs or long-term commitments.

Flexe Dynamic Fulfillment


Slow delivery promises fail customers

45% of brands don’t offer fast shipping options because it makes total costs too high:

Aterian's results

Results #

Now, Aterian reaches 76% of customers in one day and 97% in two days. And their compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 61%*. Aterian’s partnership with Flexe paid off.

Kevin Nohl notes, “Aterian's growth has been phenomenal in the past few years. Our compounded annual growth rate is 61%* —a testament to our supply chain design and performance. As we grow, from a supply chain perspective, we need to ship more. The growth has been in parallel with the growth we’ve experienced with Flexe.”

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