Inventory storage. When and where it's needed.

Find capacity quickly with on-demand warehousing. Tap into the largest connected network of warehouse providers and improve network efficiency.

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Flexe Capacity

Why Flexe

A proactive approach to manage disruption

  • Tackle planned disruptions

    Minimize the impact on warehouse-network efficiency from scheduled facility maintenance, retail expansion or contraction, and a host of other challenges.

  • Respond to the unpredictable

    Be resilient in the face of trade wars, natural disasters, a container crunch, or other unforeseen supply chain disruptions without long lead times or lengthy integrations.

  • Prepare for peak

    Scale beyond the limitations of fixed networks during peak season to prevent labor shortages and minimize wasted spend during off-peak periods.

  • Be opportunistic

    Remove network-capacity limitations and take advantage of profitable bulk-purchase opportunities.

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DeFili & Flexe: Fast Solutions for eCommerce Fulfillment

DeFili stood up high-volume eCommerce fulfillment operations for one of the nation's largest retailers in just three weeks with Flexe.

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The world’s largest logistics network

Avoid multiple negotiations and system integrations. Tap into the largest network of warehousing and transportation providers—all connected by the same logistics platform.

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Execute, manage, and optimize logistics programs

A single platform unifies warehouse management, inventory management, order management, analytics, and more for full network visibility.

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Decades of enterprise logistics experience and a single point of contact

Industrial engineering, implementation, onboarding, labor planning, day-to-day management, and ongoing optimization through a single point of contact.

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Ready to future-proof your supply chain?