Flexe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Flexe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Flexe Logistics Programs

Targeted, asset-independent supply chain solutions

  • So, how does on-demand warehousing and fulfillment work?

    Flexe has a network of 1,500+ warehouses across the U.S. and Canada and connects companies that need additional warehousing capacity and services to companies that can provide these services. The Flexe team matches each retailer and brand with the warehousing provider(s) that meet the project scope and criteria. All parties use the Flexe Logistics Platform to manage projects, which centralizes workflow for scheduling deliveries and pickups, managing inventory, legal agreements, and billing. The combination of the Flexe Logistics Platform, Logistics Network, and Logistics Operations helps forward-looking brands focus on sales and growth instead of costs and constraints.

  • What are the most common applications of on-demand warehousing?

    On-demand warehousing is used in a variety of ways, most commonly for direct-to-consumer eCommerce fulfillment and for managing inventory overflow with short-term warehousing. The biggest advantage of Flexe is the combination of the offering: The Flexe technology platform, our network of 1,500+ warehouses, and our teams that partner with you to continually improve your operations. Once you get plugged into Flexe, it’s simple to expand into the network because we’ve removed traditional startup costs and implementation timeframes.

  • Are there minimum requirements to utilize a Flexe facility?

    Yes, but it depends on the scope of the project. For more information, email hello@flexe.com or call 855.733.7788.

  • What does the handling fee include?

    The handling fee covers the warehouse’s handling of full pallets when they arrive and leave a facility, including moving pallets into and out of shipper-provided transportation. The pallet handling fee is paid upfront on a per-pallet basis. This fee does not include cargo de-vanning, palletization, or other more complex handling requirements like eCommerce fulfillment.

  • Do you offer case or item pick and fulfillment?

    Yes. The Flexe technology platform supports both direct-to-consumer and retail fulfillment. Please contact us at 855.733.7788 or fill out our Contact form to learn more about Flexe eCommerce Fulfillment and Retail Distribution.

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Omnichannel Logistics Programs

The next evolution of on-demand warehousing


  • What is pop-up fulfillment?

    Pop-up fulfillment is an on-demand warehousing solution in which a retailer or brand “pops up” a short-term fulfillment location on a limited subset of SKU’s to add supplemental shipping capacity to an existing network. Often times, retailers and brands take a multi-regional strategy to pop up fulfillment centers to use during peak seasons; for example, the Q4 holiday season for most businesses.

  • How can I be sure my goods will be safe inside Flexe partner warehouses?

    We have an extensive vetting process before a warehouse is deemed eligible to join our network. Every provider is screened to ensure that their facilities and teams meet our quality standards. Additionally, Flexe continually tracks quality metrics across all warehouse providers through our technology platform, enabling us to consistently monitor the performance of ongoing operations and create a baseline of metrics.

  • How do you handle liability for the goods that are stored through the Flexe marketplace?

    Each of our warehouse providers is required to have insurance and assumes liability for loss or damage that they cause to the goods that they store, or for damage caused due to their negligence. The owners of the goods maintain coverage for any damage caused by “acts of God/acts of nature.” Warehouse providers can also get access to additional Warehouse Legal Liability insurance through Flexe.

  • How would a claim be handled if the facility were to damage one or several of my pallets?

    Flexe Operations Coordinators manage damage claims. If one of your pallets is damaged, please contact your Flexe OC. The Flexe Operations team will initiate the process to investigate any claims that may arise regarding damage to goods.

  • How is inventory tracked? What happens if there is a discrepancy in the inventory count between the goods owner and the warehouse?

    Every pallet is assigned a unique pallet ID at the point a new order for storage is created in our system. When pallets are delivered to the warehouse, the warehouse operator uses these IDs to verify that what they receive matches the order reservation prior to putting the pallets away. If there is any discrepancy, the Flexe Operations team will troubleshoot and fix the problem.

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Our Commitment

A flexible economic model to serve our customers

  • Are the prices listed in the marketplace accurate?

    We do our best to ensure that pricing is as up to date and accurate as possible; however, listed prices are subject to change based on current warehouse capacity, demand, etc. Every reservation includes a scope document to which both parties (shippers and warehouses) agree that includes finalized pricing based on exact project requirements.

  • Can I have access to my pallets at the warehouse?

    Due to liability and security of the warehouse facility, physical access to the warehouse providers in the Flexe network is not typically permitted. However, access for inventory audits is allowed and must be scheduled in advance per the Warehouse Services Agreement. Contact the Flexe Operations team to schedule.

  • Do you provide transportation services to or from your warehouse locations?

    Transportation of goods to and from Flexe warehouse-provider locations is typically arranged by the owner/depositor of the goods.

  • How do I get started?

    There are a few ways to get started: Call us at 1.855.376.2507 Use our Get Started form, located at the bottom of pages on our website. An associate will reach out to you once your information is submitted. Use our Contact form. An associate will reach out to you once your information is submitted.

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Flexe Logistics Platform

Automate order, inventory, and operations data in coordination with existing systems

  • How does your system integrate with my WMS?

    99% of the time, we don’t need to integrate with warehouse management systems (WMS). The Flexe technology platform acts as the WMS that connects Flexe clients and warehouse operators when running a Flexe project, which is used for managing operations across multiple Flexe providers. Our technology platform can be integrated into existing shipper-side software solutions. Please contact Flexe directly to discuss any software integrations that may be required.

  • What if my product is floor-loaded in containers?

    Container de-vanning services are provided by a variety of Flexe warehouse providers. Pricing for cargo de-vanning is quoted based on a variety of factors including carton count, pallet configuration, volume of containers, etc.

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