Expand without investing billions

The Flexe Logistics Network connects retailers and brands to the world’s largest network of distribution and fulfillment centers, transportation, and parcel carriers. Make smarter use of capital with a flexible logistics network.

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Flexe Logistics Network

Reduce middle-mile transportation costs

  • Warehousing and fulfillment in every market

    Grow beyond the limitations of fixed infrastructure with flexible warehousing and fulfillment centers when and where needed.

  • Act fast and at scale

    Network-based logistics is the most efficient way to work with proven, best-in-class providers, while maintaining speed. Expedite expansion without sacrificing quality.

  • Run multiple logistics programs simultaneously

    Work with different logistics providers across the Flexe Logistics Network to run any combination of logistics programs, from storing excess inventory to eCommerce fulfillment.

  • Unified network and transactional pricing

    Access world-class providers across North America through a single integration and contract agreement. Pay only for the capacity and services used.

eCommerce Fulfillment

Add fulfillment centers. Anywhere.

The Flexe Logistics Network includes world-class fulfillment providers across North America. Execute and optimize enterprise-grade eCommerce operations across as many locations as necessary to improve delivery promises, manage peak season demands, or launch new products.


YoY increase in outbound parcel volumes during the peak of the pandemic across the Flexe network.


Warehousing & Distribution

World’s largest warehouse network

The Flexe Logistics Network is trusted by the world’s largest companies because it grants direct access to world-class warehousing and distribution partners across North America through a single integration, with a single contract, finance, and performance agreement, all transactionally priced.


Distribution and fulfillment centers in the Flexe Logistics Network

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Transportation Network

Reduce last-mile delivery costs

Access and choose between dozens of small parcel and same-day delivery carriers based on price, location, and distance.

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